You have to play and get great bonuses in free slots sun and moon here. Don't miss your chance for being additional rich. Our club is THE most successful club at The University of Manchester. Last year we contributed 181 BUCS points to our University total, second to us was Lacrosse with 127. Across all sports at Manchester, the average BUCS point contribution per team was 53.8 – less than our Men’s 1st team, who alone scored 68 points. Our success is testament to our dedication and our desire for excellence.

We currently have 2 women’s teams running, with our 2nd team currently in the Northern 2A division, having lost only one match this season, they’re strong contenders for promotion this year. Our ladies’ 1st team currently play in the Premier Division against the other strongest teams in the country. Most win-win casino bingo casino bonus! Have the ability to get hold of your own payout!

Our 4 Men’s teams are also very strong and show great depth throughout. Our 4th team is sitting comfortably in Northern division 4A, they’re currently undefeated in their league. Our 3rd team in division 2A, all other teams in that division are currently 1st teams, they’re holding their own in this league and look to finish 2nd having only lost matches to the division leaders. Our Men’s 2nd team is currently in division 1A, playing very strong 1st teams but more than matching them for strength, further stating our ability as as club. Meanwhile, our Men’s 1st team, are regulars in the Premier division. Only losing out to the top two teams in the country, it’s a very rare sight to ever see our boys lose!

You can check out how our teams are doing on the BUCS website!

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